Launching of Davidal Coin

 Davidal Coin


The reason we have started this project is that we became aware of both the world situation and the possibilities of cryptocurrency.

We are holding private charities daily.

We have met many suffering people all over the world through our support activities. Many supporting groups have raised fund to support those people.

At first, we were surprised at the amount of the funds as well as the amount of remittance fees. Even though they have raised much fund, they have been forced to worry about the non- transparency of such fees.

The good thing about cryptocurrency is its cheap remittance fee, which is what makes cryptocurrency attractive.


When we worked on support activities, we were always struggling with the cost of those activities and we could not support those people sufficiently.

While many people with their sense of mission have worked on support activities, in many cases they could not provide money as planned or could not support those people as expected. Our priorities are to be a bridge for those supporters and suffering people and to increase the number of the supporters.

Although this is a short whitepaper, we hope you to think about the future of our project and Davidal Coin while reading this document.

After a careful consideration, we have reached to the answer that we could help more people in the world if we have more financial power and helpful friends.

That is why we have started this project.

  • We need supports from people all over the world who agree with our vision.
  • We will keep making efforts to realize our goal.
  • We will keep developing a cryptocurrency service which can be used worldwide.


Oct 22 2021

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